10 Years of Process and Service Know-how

As a specialist with 10 years of professional experience, we can support our customers reliably and competently in all their challenging projects. We have experience with machines from all leading machine manufacturers.

With us you achieve your objectives

Your objective is to work economically and profitably, manufacturing and delivering components, workpieces and tools of indisputable quality; our objective is to be your professional partner. With MS Maintenance & Support GmbH, you can improve and accelerate your processes!

The Skills and Services of MS Maintenance & Support GmbH

  • Assembly and disassembly of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic machines and machine components
  • Completion of machines and machine systems according to parts lists, component drawings, assembly drawings, pneumatic and hydraulic plans
  • Conversion, modification, overhaul of CNC controlled machines, plant and equipment systems as well as SPS controlled systems, also with multiple or complex control circuits
  • Inspect and redefine machine geometry when necessary
  • Technical and application commissioning
  • Function testing, fault diagnostics and trouble shooting
  • Process monitoring and analysis
  • Preparation, support and implementation of preliminary and final acceptance
  • Customer service, service call center, maintenance and repair
  • Training for customers and end users

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MS Maintenance & Support GmbH
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Main Office Tel: +49 (0)7835 631 8561
Service Hours
6:00 am – 11:00 pm

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Germany / North and South America
Matthias Müller  |  +49 (0)152 9000 4354

Contact for Asia
Rico Seiferheld
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